NAHR Ecopoetry Workshop was founded and is run by Simon Eales, Brent Cox, and Courtlin Byrd.

Simon Eales

Co-Facilitator & Organizer

Simon is originally from Melbourne, Australia and now lives between there and Buffalo, New York, where he is a doctoral student in SUNY Buffalo’s Poetics Program. He holds a MA from the University of Melbourne where he was an H.B. Higgins Scholar working on radical and decolonial poetics. He was a NAHR Fellow in 2017, is a performance artist, and has published writing in The Music, Rabbit, Cordite, Don’t Do It, and independently.

Email Simon: ecopoetryworkshop@gmail.com

Brent Cox

Co-Facilitator & Propagator

Brent Cox studies in SUNY Buffalo’s Poetics Program. He has a MFA from University of Washington, Bothell, in Creative Writing and Poetics. His critical work focuses on experimental and innovative poetics of the 20th and 21st century, aesthetic theory, and transtemporal, transpatial, and transdisciplinary art. He is also a video-artist and poet exploring the creative-critical cross-section of poetry, time-based art, and sound. He has recently worked on video in collaborations with the release of Julie Carr’s Real Life: An Installation (Omnidawn, 2018), and presented a video-essay titled, “Visualizing the Depths in Susan Howe’s Debths: A Video Essay,” at 2018’s &Now: A Festival of Innovative Writing. Brent runs MonoD Press, publishing book objects, visual media, and web-based work.

Email Brent: ecopoetryworkshop@gmail.com

Courtlin Byrd

Co-Founder & Documentarian

Courtlin Byrd hails from Buffalo, New York (via Tennessee and California), where she works in the Media Studies PhD program at SUNY Buffalo. She attended Vanderbilt University for Creative Writing and the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts for Film Production, and now makes associative poetic videos and writes verbose visual art. Her work can be found at https://theoppositeofshadows.wordpress.com/

Email Courtlin: ecopoetryworkshop@gmail.com

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